Places of Interest in our region

Places of interest in the region of Midões -Tábua, located in the Beira Alta region of Central Portugal. Near Coimbra, in the bowl of the Serra da Estrela mountain (highest point of continental Portugal) Caramulo Mountains and Açor Mountains.

This region has a very rich history of culture and tradition. Historic villages, Schist Villages, Fado music, timeless wool tradition, architecture, archeology, Jewish heritage, museums, churches, monuments and castles. Breathtaking natural parks and gardens, there are also several original excursions in the region.

A few of the most beautiful cities such as “Aveiro” the Venice of Portugal, fishing in the traditional way on the seafront in Mira, or sunbathing in the smaller coastal cities such as Tocha. The historic “Viseu” and the wine cellars in Santar, one of the oldest university cities “Coimbra” with its impressive library and beautiful churches the excavations of the ruins of Conimbriga are places of  interest not to be missed.

Stay in ou holiday home and visit traditional markets where you can enjoy typical Portuguese cuisine and feel the atmosphere of the Portuguese countryside…

More beautiful places to visit near Midões

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