Ecological and Green Information

We try our footprint as a human being to be as light as possible …

We are a Tripadvisor Greenleader!
We have different containers at the apartments to recycle rubbish and waste, we also have a compost bin.
We use ECOLEAF ecological detergents (Washing-up liquid, Laundry liquid, Fabric softener, Floor soap, all purpose cleaning liquid, …) to protect the environment.
We do not iron our linen!
We do not use a dryer! The sun, wind and in winter time the wood burner dry our linen.
All lights are energy savers.
All electrical equipment are class A or A+ and light bulbs are LED or energy savers.
We do not have electrical equipment that use heating (oven, water boiler, …)
Our Holiday houses and our house are built with local materials (granite, eucalyptus, …)
We used lime paint and natural pigments.
Much of our furniture is recycled.
For heating we use wood stoves that are fed with the wood from trimming the trees.

We do not throw food away … there are plenty of animals at Quinta da Alegria who are very happy with leftovers!