Animals & Nature at the farm

Pets, if well-behaved, are welcome. (because of the free roaming chickens, ducks and cats)

We have 7 dogs:Jef, Loekie, Louis, Mira, Nico, Vera and Fred, also 4 cats (Telma, Moestie, Prince and Cesar) chickens, ducks and 13 horses (Trudy, Lusia, Lola, Quo Vadis, Milo, Gipsy, Linda, Fly, Bonnie, Gaston, Sei-La, Arisca and Dama)

The nightingale sings from April to June, day and night.

There are many plantsbirds(hoopoe, woodpecker, goldfinch, European canary,…), reptiles (Fire salamanders, pearl lizards, many species of frogs,…), insects and other wild life to watch at the holiday farm and in the region.