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Portugal has a rich culture. At a distance of 70 km is Europe’s oldest university city, Coimbra, with its impressive library and beautiful churches, the ruins and archaeological Roman treasures of Conimbriga. The traditional fishing at Praia de Mira. Sunbathing in little or big coastal areas such as Tocha, Figueira da Foz or Aveiro. The woods and convent of Buçaco at a distance of 50 km, wine cellars in Santar Viseu. Within less than 20 km you can visit different Dolmen and Celtic graves, Roman bridges. Lots of typical markets where you can taste the Portuguese food and enjoy the local ambiance. Castles, Cathedrals, Museums, taste port wine in one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities, Porto. Bird watching, discovering beautiful butterflies and the scent of flowers, plants and trees around the farm.

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