Universal energy, energy that surrounds us at all times, the spirit of life itself which is all that exists, grows and flourishes giving life and inspires. Reiki is sometimes relaxing, sometimes energizing, and gives you just what you need. It acts on the body and mind. Anyone can support the benefits of Reiki experience with various stress-related symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain and insomnia. In addition, Reiki treatment brings a sense of emotional balance and balance at times when life just does not cooperate.

Only for today I will not be angry, Only for today I will not worry,

Only for today I will be grateful for the many blessings, Only for today I will do my work humbly

Only for today I will be kind to all living beings

When you receive Reiki healing you´ll lie fully clothed on a treatment table while the Reiki practitioner places hands lightly on or just above your head and torso.

You can book your treament while you are staying in one of our holiday homes or when you are in the neighborhood.

Price: 20€/ treatment