Massage for body and soul

In 1994 Liesje got her diploma for 1º Thai massage in Thailand. She only uses the deep static and rhythmic pressures on the energy lines or “sen” throughout the body with the aim of clearing blockages in these lines.

She combines this with classic massage. This gives you a total relaxation of neck, shoulders, back and lower back.

If you want a complete body massage from head to toe, you have 2 hours or more of revitalizing energy lines and unblocking your body. Therefore you will have a fantastic final result.

Liesje uses home made oils on an almond base with different plant and flower based scents that have relaxing or energizing properties.


You can book your eperience while you are staying in one of our holiday homes or when you are in the neighborhood.

Prices: Normal massage: 20€         Full Body Massage: 10€/30 min.