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Our horses Gone but not forgotten Maxim – Black Gipsy 


Our horses live in freedom as a herd, they have 22 ha available and are always together, running, playing, eating and just being happy horses…

When they are preparing for lessons or rides out, they are temporarily in their open stables so they can always see, touch and smell each other. Only if it is bad weather they eat and sleep in the stable. Our horses are barefoot, they don´t wear horse shoes since 2006. Many of the horses that do not use horseshoes are much healthier and happier. The hooves of our horses are trimmed by “Bare foot trimmer”  Tom De Graeve, expert Barefoot trimmer in Portugal and wear “Renegade” hoof boots for longer rides, if necessary .

Horses-Portugal by Horse- Our Horses

We now have 13 horses running around on the farm, 8 of which are available to ride, they all have a good character.
There are two Haflingers, one Lusitano crossed with English blood, five thoroughbred Lusitanos, 2 Crusado Portugûes, 1 Garrano, 1 KWPN and 1 Selle Français.

Our horses are gentle and loving, but some also have spirit for more experienced riders.

We ride with English saddles, some have a sheepskin. There are saddlebags available for longer rides.

Quo Vadis

Breed: Lusitano
Birth: 1997

Quo-Vadis is a pretty boy, with his long legs he’s very forward. He listens very well to voice, legs and mind.  He likes to be in front leading his girls to the right path.  A very sweet horse, you just have to think where you want to go and  he takes you there…


Breed: X-Lusitano
Birth: 1993

The baroque horse. What a character, and definitely the merriest. She always knows how to unravel her halter, She is very smart and playful. She is one of the horses who loves to munch around and often opens her gate to steal the horse food out of the saddle room. Lola is already a grandma horse and is turning blind from cataract, therefore we do not use her anymore for riding and she can enjoy her pension spending time eating, sleeping and peddling in the water…the good life…


Breed: Lusitano
Birth: 1992

Lusia is a Livery horse, she is  used for guided walks with children or lessons.

Walking light as a feather. this mare takes you everywhere. She is always happy and wanting to work, graceful but with her own will. She trusts her rider and is very sensitive as she has been taught to ride in the Horsemanship way of Adam Shereston and can only be ridden by her owner or Liesje and João.


Breed: Haflinger
Birth: 2000

The youngest of children and grown ups learn to ride on Milo. She is very mischievous but also a hard worker and willing to learn, she is funny, very smart and as you can see, … very naughty and  sweet… She’s the protector of the herd in the field but less secure outside.  A very curious horse who has tried to escape under the fence many times and put her “catch me if you can” face on.


Breed: Haflinger
Birth: 1993

Grandma Trudy. The bodybuilder among the horses. This Haflinger is as fiery as a the  children love her because she is very gentle with everybody when we have lessons and on horse rides.


Breed: Cruzado Portuguese
Birth: 2002

She is part of the family since summer 2011 and gets along with all the horses. She is a very pretty lady with her dark hair and in winter she even looks like “Black Beauty”. Bonnie is very sweet but has a lack of confidence in people which she is gaining back every day, bit by bit.


Breed: Garrano
Birth: 2007

The Português warrior horse. The Garranos were used in the battles against the Romans a long time ago. He is the big man in the field but with the rides a little insecure. He is Trudy’s lover boy and friend of Milo. Together with him you can take the whole heard walking behind you to a new field. He was not so well-treated in the past so some times he is a bit naughty but he is learning to trust again and improving all the time. All the horses have respect for him.
He is a tiny pretty boy who knows what he wants, the fastest of them all and the teenagers love him…



Breed: Cruzado Português
Birth: 2011

Linda is a fickle mare she needs a rider who knows where he / she stands. Two hands on one belly with her mother Bonnie, a little unsure with puddles on the road but the river she finds super fun.


Breed: Selle Français
Birth: 2010

New in the herd since 5 February 2016

Fly was a dangerous gelding when he arrived here in livery in May 2015… always attacking, ears flat, biting (and certainly do not come around when he is eating!). After being re-educated by the herd and João who approached Fly with horsemanship, he became a different horse. Through our faith in him, he also gives confidence to us. He is now very sweet and loves to cuddle, he is still unsure of new people but that is changing rapidly.

Black Gipsy

Breed: English thoroughbred
Birth: 2000-2017

Black Gipsy used to be a racehorse but was discarded because he was not fast enough. Fortunately, his old boss Herwig (who was jockey) saved him. Black Gipsy was grumpy for a reason. In his stable he does not like to be approached or to be brushed, but if you do it cheerfully he might change his mood. He recently left us to gallop on the eternal green fields…



Breed: Haflinger
Birth: 1993 -2004

The teddy bear. Sweet, handsome and strong.  A darling horse, a heart breaker. Father of Milo. Unfortunately our big friend died on 20th July 2003…

Our horses