Horsemanship Lessons

Dancing with horses

João can teach you how to understand horses and how to communicate with horses in a direct and objective way. You learn to understand a horse from the ground and in the saddle. You learn how to be between horses and how to behave yourself when you are with them.
You learn how to move, stop, turn, trot and make them canter without touching them, only with your inner energy and body language. You can follow lessons per hour or a combination of lessons and a beautiful holiday on our farm – with or without horse riding – while you visit the most beautiful places in Portugal.

All lessons cover the following from a basic to an advanced level, according to duration:

– The language of horses
– Feel, intuition, balance, timing, synchronization
– Ground work & ridden work
– Manoeuvres

Horsemanship lessons (you don´t need previous experience with horses)

1 hour Horsemanship Lesson – 40,00€