Riding Lessons

Riding lessons are held in our open air 16m x 32m riding school or in the Round Pen. We teach anyone from 4 years old,  all lessons are one to one, like this you learn much more and faster in a shorter time.

Our way of teaching is different from the traditional way. We teach you to ride in a horse friendly way without bridle. Feeling, balance, timing & synchronization are important. You will learn to ride using your body and weight. Soon you will be riding confidently, without or with a bridle in a natural way resulting in a more comfortable ride for both horse and rider.

We start to build up your confidence around these beautiful creatures by grooming the horse and learning to saddle in there stable. Afterwards you start walking around with your horse in the riding school to start knowing each other. Than we go on the horse and do some basic balance exercises in walk and in trot. From here on you will learn to ride your horse with the balance of your body. Stop, start without kicking or presure. Going left, right without pulling the reins.

You and your family or friends can have riding lessons during your holiday or weekend staying in our holiday homes or in the neighborhood.

Riding lesson: In winter there are no lessons due to the instability of the weather, from March 1 we only open the school on sunny days.

1 hour private riding lesson: 20€

(30 min first contact with the horses: reading and listening to your horse, brushing(grooming), saddling, communication on the ground + 30 min riding)

Out of respect for the horses, the maximum permitted weight of the rider is 80kg