Hiking & Geocaching Portugal

Midões is a beautiful region in central Portugal perfect for hiking and walking, you will enjoy all the beautiful sights  from valleys and rivers like :Rio Mondego(the biggest in Portugal originating river), Rio dos cavalos (with it’s Roman bridges), Rio Seia (with it’s water turtles and otters)and many more little streams.

Whether you are hiking or just want to find a nice spot to relax you will be spoilt for choice in rural Portugal. With the  beautiful nature in the region of Coimbra between the ´Serra da Estrela´ the highest point of Portugal Continental, the Caramulo Mountains and the “Serra do Açor” you will find Roman ruins, rock formations, Dolmen, rivers and small waterfalls, the atmosphere of the Portuguese countryside, sheep, goats, the friendly people…and the most beautiful sights.

We have several hiking trails from 1 to 4 hour around the accommodation and many geocache treasures to find…


There are several routes available online that you can download on your mobile phone or other device, many treasures to find with Geocaching locations in the neighborhood !!

Hiking tours

Leen, a friend of the family, can take you to the most beautiful spots in the Serra da Estrela or in the neighborhood. You can choose for a Hike taking a couple of hours or a hiking tour of a couple of days with camping outside. There are walks for beginners and experienced hikers.


We begin at the reservoir at the “Vale Rossim”, a lovely swimming spot. Walking along the river, we are led to the “Roof of Portugal”, where the views are spectacular and breathtaking. Along the way to the “Roof” you will encounter many species of beautiful flora and fauna, enjoy and feel free to admire your colourful surroundings. This is an easy and gently rising path, where we get the sense of the freedom of flight! Halfway along the walk we come to a rock which we could climb, if you wish. After our climb we begin to descend, crossing through the bush back down to the reservoir.

This is approximately a 4 hour hike.

Other examples of hiking tours

Transport and food not included!

40€/day from 1 to 4 persons

60€/day from 5 persons